Everything You Need To Know About Paramount, CA

Updated: Mar 28

California is filled to the brim with prime locations for a new start in life. Picking the one that suits you best is a matter of budget, lifestyle, and personal preference.

Paramount is a particularly convenient location in the Golden State. Not only does it have a plethora of great activities, it’s located between Anaheim and Long Beach. We’re consistently impressed with all the ways Paramount has been able to fulfill new movers.

Why should Paramount be high on your to-move list? Read below to learn everything you need to know about Paramount CA.

Fast History About Paramount CA

Let’s learn a little more about this beautiful city and why it’s made such waves in mainstream media over the years. Located in Los Angeles, Paramount is a cultural hub with wide appeal.

You’ve likely heard about Paramount Studios. This film studio is a slice of classic Hollywood and has been around for several decades. To this day it survives as both a working studio and a tourist attraction. Film buffs will have plenty to enjoy when moving to Paramount.

Paramount boasts a rich history, first crafted in the late 1700s by Mexican and Spanish settlers. To this day this city is beloved for its blend of cultures, beautiful sights, and commitment to artistic expression.

Paramount is a Cultural Marvel

As touched on above, this city has its roots in Mexico and Spain. You’ll obtain plenty of opportunities to brush up on your Spanish-speaking skills once you move to this gorgeous location.

Due to the high number of Mexican residents from Sinaloa, the city has been dubbed a cultural successor in many ways. Not only that, but the amount of ethnic cuisine strewn about the city will be an infinite source of fascination for history buffs and foodies.

Paramount Isn’t Too Big or Too Small

Both rural movers and city slickers will be right at home in Paramount. With a population of 55,000, this small city is a very comfortable size.

For those worried that Paramount could be a little too dull, never fear. This city is still in Los Angeles, providing easy access to amenities, services, and weekend attractions. You’ll have the best of both worlds: plenty of entertainment and plenty of quiet downtime.

Paramount Has Highly Ranked Public Schools

What do you look for in a good school? Some parents are concerned about the safety of neighborhoods, while others want to know if the classes are of high quality.

Paramount consistently ranks high in public and private school settings. For example, Paramount High sees an impressive 92% graduation rate. There are also quite a few highly-ranked colleges and universities to look forward to in nearby neighborhoods, such as:

  • California State University

  • University of Southern California

  • California Institute Of Technology

Paramount is a Decently Walkable and Bikeable City

Do you prefer to walk or bike to locations to save money? Perhaps you’ve recently sold your car and want to know what options you have. Paramount is a solid choice for new movers due to its walkable and bikeable design.

While this city isn’t as bikeable as, say, Seattle, it’s still a pretty easy place to move around in. Most daily tasks are able to be done on foot and the Metro System boasts dozens of bus stops.

If you have an electric vehicle, rest easy knowing the city has a few charging stations for you to use.

The Paramount Housing Market Looks Promising

The average home price of Paramount has been hovering at $640,000 for a few years now. The Californian housing market remains a competitive one for buyers and sellers, which makes this smaller city a shoo-in for new homeowners.

With the convenient walk score and flexible location for schools, Paramount is a top choice for several demographics. Speaking of which…

Who Should Live in Paramount?

The city you choose should improve your lifestyle, not get in the way of it. Paramount is highly appealing to a few different groups of people.

Families Looking to Settle Down

Do you want to live somewhere walkable, safe, and fairly quiet? Paramount is ideal for families that want to settle down for several years.

Students With Big Ambitions

As we touched on above, Paramount is located in Los Angeles and very close to Anaheim and Long Beach. Simply put, you have plenty of competitive schools to choose from.

Working Artists Looking for Inspiration

From Paramount Studios to Los Angeles’s brilliant night scene, artists will be right at home in this city.


What makes Paramount CA such a fantastic place to live? From the great weather to the practical location, this city is a go-to option for many groups of people.

Families will love Paramount for the easy access to high-performing schools, trendy restaurants, and competitive universities. Artists will appreciate the rich cultural heritage and famous destinations such as Paramount Studios. In particular, new and experienced homeowners have a buyer’s market to enjoy.

We’re ready to help you pick the best home for your new lifestyle. Contact us today for our availability.

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