10 Coffee Shops You Need To Visit If You're In Paramount, CA

When it comes to packing up, moving to a new area, and buying a home, there are many factors people have to consider aside from the house itself. Yes, you’ll want to live in a place with enough bedrooms, bathrooms, and preferably a range of quality amenities. However, you also need to look at where your future home is located and what kind of fantastic sites, attractions, and businesses are nearby!

For example, few people can effectively function when they get up in the morning without enjoying a delicious cup of coffee to help get them through the early hours of the day! Because of this, living near a quality coffee shop is a significant benefit they should consider when moving. Thankfully, our experts at Colibri Homes are here to help you explore the best Paramount coffee shops that you can start frequenting today!

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Menotti's Coffee Stop

Our first choice on this list of great coffee shops in and around Paramount is Menotti’s Coffee Stop. Their drinks are delicious and brewed to perfection, and their location serves as a popular ocean-front gathering place that’s wonderful for kicking back to enjoy the view of Venice Beach while sipping your morning away.

10 Speed Coffee

10 Speed Coffee is proud to combine coffee and bike culture in their shop! They offer a selection of well-crafted espresso drinks alongside a light menu of various teas and tonics formulated to give cyclists the boost they need to get through their routines with enthusiasm and energy to spare.

Mad Lab Hollywood

While their shop may be tiny, don’t let Mad Lab fool you, their coffee is some of the best around and they’ve become widely known as one of the most recognizable roasters in Los Angeles. They focus on providing their loyal customers with a range of top-quality regular and seasonal coffees that will give you the pick-me-up needed to make it through the day with a smile.

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The Boy & The Bear

The Boy & The Bear serves up some of the best espressos on the market that are widely regarded for their bold characteristics that shine through various delicious flavors. This coffee shop provides consumers access to only top-quality Colombian coffees that people will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.


Goodboybob may feature a relatively strange name that’s hard to forget, but their house-roasted beans are what makes this coffee shop memorable! They pride themselves on the heart and soul they put into finding a fantastic assortment of imported coffee beans and brewing the best possible coffee with the highest standards.

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Sightglass Coffee

Sightglass Coffee has recently established itself as one of the best espresso and coffee bars in LA despite opening in the middle of the COVID pandemic and the turbulent economic market that it created. Their shop features a coffee roastery that’s equipped to prepare everything from pour-overs and espressos to classic lattes and more.

Alchemist Coffee Project at The Pearl

This popular Koreatown coffee bar is a bustling hub of activity throughout the week and is a perfect spot for anyone seeking a sip of quality caffeine or a quick bite to eat! The Alchemist Coffee Project at The Pearl features a fantastic menu of drinks, food, and even specialty ice cream that turns one-time customers into loyal regulars! In short, they’ve created a coffee geek’s paradise!

Cognoscenti Coffee Bar

The Cognoscenti Coffee Bar is arguably one of the best coffee shops for anyone looking for a late morning or early afternoon pick-me-up to get them through the rest of their busy workday. They provide a range of delicious single brews and espressos prepared by their highly-trained baristas from various beans from around the country.

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Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen

Located in the neighborhood of View Park-Windsor Hill in South LA, Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen is well known for its delicious drinks, including lavender lattes and house brews. That said, they’re also highly regarded for their expansive menu of fantastic lunch and breakfast foods that are served hot and ready to eager customers throughout the day.

Bloom & Plume Coffee

Widely agreed to be one of LA’s most stylish coffee shops, Bloom & Plume Coffee offers guests a wide selection of specialized drinks that feature a wide range of delicious modifications to make them as unique as the people who order them! Consider trying peppermint or honey lavender to help spice up your everyday latte and make your day extra special.

Want to Call California Home? Colibri Homes is Here to Help!

Paramount California is a fantastic place to call home, especially if you’re an avid coffee lover who’s excited to explore a range of delicious new drinks at some stellar local shops! Our experts at Colibri Homes hope that the above article has been helpful and has given you even more reasons to consider moving to the area! Please consider contacting us on our website or at for more information on how we can help make Paramount your new home. Also, feel free to explore some of our other guides and expertly written resources for additional information on the Paramount area.

It’s only natural to want a wide selection of quality home design and layout options to choose from when you move, which our experts at Colibri Homes are proud to provide! Contact us today to learn all about the stunning new houses we’re currently developing in Paramount, CA, for more information!

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